How much weight can the NüRoo Pocket support?

The Pocket was tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to 45 pounds in order to meet Sling Carrier Standards. Baby will likely outgrow the Pocket developmentally between the ages of 4-6 months. At this time, baby is starting to become more curious about their environment and is ready to transition to a soft structured carrier that allows them to look out at the world around them. Follow your baby’s cues to know when it is time to move to a soft structured carrier.

Is the NuRoo Pocket acceptable for micropreemies? Intubated infants?

Yes, the Pocket is able to support micropreemies and intubated infants, provided they are stable and otherwise qualify for kangaroo care. Some of the hospitals using the Pocket encourage kangaroo care for babies as small as x (Hope/U of C fill in) grams. Take a look at the clinical guidelines (link) on our resources tab and videos of seated and standing transfers of vented babies on our resources page.

Can the NüRoo Pocket be used with twins?

Yes. The pocket can provide coverage to moms while practicing skin-to-skin with twins or triplets so long as they fit ‘visible and kissable’ in the neckline and mom is seated. It is not recommended that mom be on her feet with more than one baby in the NüRoo Pocket.

How easy is it to get on mom after a c/section?

This concern is valid given the need to accommodate an IV and blood pressure cuff. We do offer a short cap sleeve version of the Pocket that functions well in the OR and PACU environment. Typically, mom can put it on prior to having her IV started and wear it like an open blouse during the C-section, exposing her entire chest and abdomen. When baby is transferred to mom’s chest, the panels come around the backside of baby and Velcro closures are secured in normal fashion. This way it doesn’t interfere with anything mom may be attached to and it is kept well outside the surgical field.

I’m interested in purchasing NuRoo products for my unit. How do I obtain hospital pricing?

Drop us a line at hello@nuroobaby.com We offer volume discounts and would be happy to help you place your order.

What are the minimum order quantities and cost to screenprint a NuRoo item with our hospital logo?

A minimum order quantity of x is required and the cost is $3.50 per item. Hospitals opt to use this option to maintain inventory that is laundered and reused between patients, or to provide a hospital-branded gift to families during their stay or at discharge.

Is the NüRoo Pocket machine washable?

Yes, it has been washed and dried in industrial laundries. Always make sure the Velcro® is closed prior to washing or tumble drying to prevent snagging. Several hospitals have washed their supply of Pockets multiple times over many months and feel the Pockets have maintained their shape and structure well. Please coach staff and parents to inspect before each use for added safety.

If you are gifting the Pocket to families, please coach them to take the Pocket home to launder before using it for the first time.

Are the NuRoo products latex-free?

Our products are not made with natural rubber latex.

What is the justification for implementing the Pocket?

We have multiple resources you may use when making the case to a Value Analysis or Product Committee. Link to gain access to Toolkit somehow here.

How are hospitals paying for these products?